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If self-love and healing were on the other side of discomfort, would you have the courage to do the work?

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I asked Laura to speak at an event I was co-organizing that focused on recovery here in Toronto with about 150 attendees.

I truly believe Laura's path and experiences brought her to this point where she is now able to talk from the heart about her life, and is meant to be in front of people, sharing her story. She is honest, genuine, authentic and is able to provide a message of hope to those who may be struggling with similar challenges.

She is raw, funny, and memorable. She has done the work and is able to take listeners on a journey, touching on important topics that need to be discussed. I can not wait to see where this takes her, and know she is going to be a shining light wherever she goes. 

Kelsi Byers

I am so grateful that I’ve had Laura Hesp as a friend, a mentor, and a creative partner. She is always encouraging me to dig deep beneath the surface level and search for the root of my problems - this has been a game changer for me.

Laura holds such a vast variety of knowledge that I have come to truly trust her guidance. In the past I would have never sought out self-help books, but because of Laura I am now on my fifth one. 

 Her raw and engaging personality is so fresh, I wouldn’t doubt that she could write an amazing book herself one day!

Until I met her, I never knew someone could be so apologetically honest with who they are and how they see the world. I applaud Laura for helping myself and others feel entirely safe to be ourselves, and to be proud of who we are.

She is one truly extraordinary human being.

Emma Arsenault

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