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This month, a "clothing company" started in Toronto that used homelessness as it's design concept and exploited our city's most vulnerable community. The designs were offensive, stigmatizing and affected the people of our city very deeply. 

This "clothing company" also made false claims that they were donating 40% of their sales to an organization for homeless youth, but this organization had never even heard of them and were caught up in negative media attention by no fault of their own. 

Being that Toronto is such a compassionate, diverse, generous and caring city, many of us took personal offense to someone attempting to take advantage of our community for profit. Initially- and rightfully- our community's response was from a place of hurt and anger, so I've decided to turn to the community and ask you to help us turn this into a victory. 

On behalf of my organization, Inclusive Love Inc. I've been speaking with Pamela Loveless and Andrea Gunraj; Eva's Individual Giving Manager and Director of Marketing & Communications, respectfully and they are beyond grateful for the love and support given to their organization. 

March 15th is a very significant day for myself and I wanted to make it a special day for Eva's. March 15th is the day my father was found. He passed away as a result from homelessness and personal choices. I have made it my personal mission to do the most I can to give back to this suffering community. March 15th, Toronto will gather at the South-West corner of Yonge and Dundas to spread love and unite our community with positive words, human interaction and free hugs!

The goal is to raise as much money as possible to present to Eva's on March 15th to show Eva's and their youth that Toronto cares, Toronto listens and Toronto is a compassionate and empathic city. We want to help.

Eva’s Place
, Eva’s Satellite, and Eva’s Phoenix provide a safe space and support for 123 homeless youth aged 16-24 every night. Each facility is designed to help youth with their unique circumstances transition out of homelessness and on to independent living.

Eva’s staff work with each homeless youth to develop a personalized action plan. This plan is designed to empower each young person to achieve both short and long-term personal and career goals. This intake, assessment and screening process considers the whole person: mental, physical and aspirational.

How Inclusive Love Inc. is giving back:

  1. March 7th- March 15th- Fundraising via YouCaring to raise money that will go directly to Eva's Initiatives
  2. March 15th- Memorial "Free Hugs" day for Doug Hesp- Laura Hesp's father. Cheque will be presented to Eva's
  3. April 1- May 31- 100% of the proceeds from each Inclusive Love tee will be donated directly to Eva's Initiatives. 
Please give anything you can to show Eva's youth we care. If that's not possible for you then please consider joining us for the "Free Hugs" memorial day. There is nothing more priceless than human interaction and looking into another person's face and telling them you care. 

Thank you again, Toronto. 

Laura Hesp.


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  • Hi there…I saw your story in the Toronto Star. I would love to purchase a shirt through the store here on the website but, when I get into my shopping cart I am told that there are no shipping options for my delivery location (just outside of Toronto). Any options for me? I’m happy to pay for shipping, not a problem.

    Please let me know and good luck with everything.

    Stephen Barden

    Stephen Barden

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