"Toronto Love" Youth Tee

"Toronto Love" Youth Tee

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It's never too early, or too late to teach our children compassion, love, and acceptance. Through our actions, our words, and choices, we must teach them the power in embracing the uniqueness in each human- not being afraid of it.

Proceeds from this 'Toronto Loves Everybody' romper help Inclusive Love;

Organize grassroots campaigns
Pop-ups for "Positive" Protests at local rallies and protests
Free Hugs events
Local fundraisers for local charities like Eva's Initiatives
Provide a partnership with On The Run Meals, where they provide weekly meals and compassion for those experiencing food insecurity and/or homelessness.

• 100% jersey cotton
• Durable ribbed neckband
• Unisex
• Not intended for sleepwear

Size guide

Height (inches) 32-36 36-40 40-43
Chest (inches) 21 22 23