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In summer of 2016 Inclusive Love was born. Laura Hesp's father had dealt with years of food and housing insecurity and finally, succumb to his circumstances. As Laura stepped back to understand how this tragedy could develop in her own close relationships, her curiosity lead her to become highly involved in local activism. Starting with personal education, rallies, protests, and using her personal platforms to educate others, she noticed that there was a place for her to share her story and connect with others to make an impact. 

What went from being a participant in other organization turned into Inclusive Love hosting public events, fundraising across the city, partnering with local businesses and initiatives to increase impact, and a small clothing line. 

Today, we have been featured in Flare, Toronto Star, The Mix, Peace Collective, Ryerson Radio.

Our signature "Toronto Loves Everybody" t-shirt has been across Toronto and our movement supported by big names such as Will Smith and Cara Delevingne. 

We are proud to have donated over $10,000 to charities across Toronto before registering our own Inclusive Love Foundation in 2018.  


tattooed girl watches participants speak

We believe that the biggest contributor to judging other people is simply a lack of knowledge or exposure.
 By creating a safe space for people to share their unique perspectives we ignite conversations about how our social constructs and stereotypes affect all communities differently. 

Participants leave our workshops and photoshoots feeling empowered,  autonomous, and inspired to translate their insights into real-world action. By acknowledging our power over how we use our minds, our bodies, our words, and our visions we hope to shed light on how our similarities are far more powerful than our differences.

There is no other way for us to turn this world around and make it a safe space for all marginalized communities if we do not begin with ourselves.

Our workshops leave participants with: 

  • Tools to recognize racism, homophobia, and sexism and take action such as calling someone in and having compassionate conversations that are rooted in facts rather than emotion
  • A chance to engage in meaningful discussions and debates in real life, and learn new perspectives that will help shape a more empathetic view of others
  • A new community of thought leaders who all have similar goals and want to support each other both on and offline in positive ways

Community Activities

laura hesp protests homelessness at dundas square

In today's digital-age, Inclusive Love is a strong believer that change needs to happen in real life, not just online. By getting outside and in busy spaces, we challenge peoples thoughts with positive messaging and tend to attract rather than demand change. 

The unique aspect that sets us apart is that we are not asking for donations, instead, we give free merch away in exchange for random strangers to stop what they're doing and help us give Free Hugs. This can turn a movement from 5 people to 50 in minutes.

With these small acts, Inclusive Love demonstrates that change isn't as easy as giving a dollar, it's actually as easy as using your body, your mind, and your voice to ignite the change you wish to see.


Visuals and Story-telling

camera our body our rules filming inclusive love

Now, we don't only listen to our community and foster conversations, we also amplify these voices.

We believe that our communities will be able to connect if have a space to share what makes us collectively human. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia are not something that will resonate with everyone, but guilt, shame, remorse, joy, love, laughter, disappointment, anxiety, mental illness, and loneliness are something that connects us on a human level.

Inclusive Love gives space to pull these raw stories from people in order to extend a lifeline to those who believe they're suffering alone.